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Last week was still pretty much dedicated to define my full-time employment. Hope to get it resolved this week to put more focus on the side-projects until new gig starts.

I’ve been trying out Obsidian over the last month and I’m very happy so far with it. It will be worth to do a proper review.

Done last week

  • Create a chunk of the product
  • Write a welcome email

To do this week

  • Email sign up ready - pushed from last week. Almost completed
  • Finish one content piece (blog post) - pushed from last week. Started outline and research.
  • Share the page
  • Outline and research second content pieace
  • Create another chunk do the product

António Menéres

I’m António. I specialize in sales for tech startups. Father, surfer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and ocasionally do some web dev.