How do they find you or the product?

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How can potential customers lay eyes on you?

What most people tend to forget is that for every project there’s a moment zero. There is a moment when only you know what you’re about to build.

How to get past moment zero? To put it simply, you make something and share it with a person. It can be an email, landing page, a description, a finsihed product. As long as a someone sees what you made you started creating awareness.

How will people discover you? First step is always to meet people them where they are. You go to them. There’s no other way. You or someone else on your behalf has to put your product in front of potential users.

How do you go to them? This is where it gets tricky and confusing. I’ll avoid industry jargon because it can be confusing and it can have different meaning to different people.

I want to simplify and there’s two main ways.

  1. Pushing your product
    • discovered through search engine
    • create content and put it somewhere
    • get on a platform (marketplace, aggregator, partner ecosystem, directories)
    • collaboration (with people, groups or companies)
    • Advertising
    • PR
    • Telling users directly (personal network, cold outreach, communities)
  1. Pulling users or referral systems

    • Word-of-mouth This is the easy one. Your users willingly share you product with their network. For some reason they felt compelled to share. The reasons can vary, a few examples: they loved the product, the design, the story, the branding, etc.

    • Built-in loop You intentionally build a mechanism for people to share your project. It could be financial incentive, a multi-user system (like a game or messaging app) or signaling when they share or create something with your product (like “Powered by” or Cope Pen).

The tactics you use will depend on your product, your strengths and the strategies you’re looking to leverage.

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