Get out of the way.

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You go for a run. You just wanted to exercise but you created expectations. How fast, how fast and how you’d feel. Half way through the run your inner voice tells you that you’re more tired than you should and running at slower pace. You get frustrated, more tired and can’t run faster. You finish the run but it didn’t feel very good. The run resulted ended in frustration.

Sometimes when you’re performing an activity your mind enters a negative spiral that deteriorates your performance.

Imagine a time when you were in a conversation that these two things happened. Thinking about what to say and at same time thinking about you were saying and judging it.

This can happen during physical exercise, a test, a presentation, an interview or writing an article. Anywhere you’re performing.

Back to the run. 30 min after you finish you look for the explanation of what led you to that mood. If you’re like me you’ll embed up with the same realization. “I knew this could happen and let it happen. I got in the way. I just wanted to run. Of course just be grateful that you could go for a run, be physically relaxed after the exercise and feel the sensation of accomplishing it.” At that very moment I wish I could start over.

This happens to me a lot of times. It doesn’t really matter if I know what I’m doing or not. If the doubtful inner voice comes up it’s difficult to come back to a peaceful state of mind.

What can I change next time?

  • Know that I can get in the way
  • Foresee the unnecessary self-doubt and frustation
  • Remember why I’m doing it in the first place and how it should feel
  • Take it easy

António Menéres

I’m António. I specialize in sales for tech startups. Father, surfer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and ocasionally do some web dev.