Becoming a creator

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The internet opened up the possibility for anyone to pursue their interests on a different scale. Those who have been willing to put in the work were able to create opportunities from themselves. They reach wider audiences. They created their audiences. They became creators. Nathan Barry wrote a great post about blogs, reach and audiences.

Never knew I wanted to become a maker / creator or an indie hacker.

What does that mean to me?

Create something and make a business out of it.

Why do I want this?

  • Learn new things - design, programming, marketing…
  • (Some) freedom to follow my curiosity
  • Work where I want on the schedule that fits my ideal lifestyle
  • Deep work - work for long periods on one thing
What if I fail?

It’s part of the process. The combination of the activities and skills required to succeed is hard to get it right. Between making the product / service, acquiring customers, doing sales, marketing, customer support, design, sourcing, pricing, accounting, invoicing and so on, some or parts of this equation might off and send you in the wrong direction. It’s only a failure if feel like I wasted my time and jeopardised something other aspect of my life.

You either win or you learn used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community

I’ll be documenting the journey and write about the things that are going through my mind.

António Menéres

I’m António. I specialize in sales for tech startups. Father, surfer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and ocasionally do some web dev.