At a time

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The smallest unit possible at a time.

Setting goals, writing them down, remembering them gives you direction. Motivation to stay the course dreaming of the desired outcome can work sometimes. But anything you do a lot of becomes mundane. Motivation typically wears off. It’s a card you can’t play all the time.

To put a body in motion you need some kind of force. (as in Newton’s laws). How does this translates to the creative process?

You are the body and motivation is the force that puts you in motion towards that goal. Using motivation everyday is using all the energy you can gather. It’s difficult to sustain over time. Requires constant effort. I’ve been trying to apply something different. It’s not new nor groundbreaking.

Finding the smallest unit that doesn’t require a big push to put you in motion.

A chapter. A paragraph. A sentence. A word. A character at a time. A lap. A step at time. A recipe. A ingredient at a time. A feature. A function. A statement at a time. A landing page. A section. A shape at a time.

(can also be applied to life outside of work)

António Menéres

I’m António. I specialize in sales for tech startups. Father, surfer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and ocasionally do some web dev.