2020 Blog journey

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2020 was my first take on blogging. I’ve had the urge to write for some time but never committed to do anything about until September 2020.

After delaying it for so long I can that it was stressful, challenging and rewarding.

It’s strange to think that this required levels creativity that I didn’t think I had and that I was able to deliver. Never thought I would put myself in this position and be able to come through with it. It really stretched my brain.

There wasn’t an end goal. The intent was to focus on creating the habit of writing and see how it felt. I wrote for myself and there wasn’t any plan to grow an audience. My posts are unlikely to be seen by anyone and that’s ok. As I wrote in one of the posts the focus was on the output (create) not on the outcome.

Looking back on my daily routine coming up with the main idea for a post was the hardest. It seemed that once I settled on a idea, it became easier (but not easy) to write. Something I noticed during 2020 is that you can create as much content as you want on any subject. Really anything. It doesn’t matter how niche or how small a subject is. You can go into great depth by breaking things down and analyzing every aspect involved.

I’ve collected some basic stats to see what I’ve produced. The number of posts was a surprise.

Posts published: 61

As something to remind myself in the future here are my 3 key lessons from this experiment.

  • Set constraints - time, format, research, editing where things that helped me stay on track.
  • Don’t break the committment - It’s what made it special
  • Just start writing - I like how Seth Godin puts it. If you have writers block show the bad writing. Good writing will surface if you get the bad out of your system.

António Menéres

I’m António. I specialize in sales for tech startups. Father, surfer, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and ocasionally do some web dev.